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Always New, Fun, and Scientific Approach

Skiing will be more fun as you improve your technique. And you start to experience exhilaration while skiing down which also gives you a sense of ever-increasing satisfaction. Our lessons guide you to the next level with always new, fun and scientific approach. Needless to say, safety comes first whichever course/level you take part in.
*Reservation required. We may not be able to always provide you with lessons in English due to limited availability of English speaking instructors.

Private Ski & Snowboard
Lessons in English

WHEN 1 Dec 2018-24 Mar 2019

Morning 80 (min): 8:30am-9:50am:
1 student 13,000yen
2-3 students 16,000yen
4-6 students 19,000yen

Private PM (2hrs):13:30pm-15:30pm:
1 student 20,000yen add.fee 1hrs 28,000yen
2-3 students 23,000yen add.fee 1hrs 31,000yen
4-6 students 28,000yen add.fee 1hrs 36,000yen

Private 1Day (4hrs):10:30am-
Lesson time 4hrs.Lunchi time setting included:
1 student 40,000yen add.fee 1hrs 50,000yen
2-3 students 45,000yen add.fee 1hrs 55,000yen
4-6 students 54,000yen add.fee 1hrs 64,000yen

RESERVATIONAdvanced reservations must be made by 5pm the day before.
NOTE+2,000yen for 28 Dec-3 Jan
In case of the various levels in one group, the private lesson will be adjusted to a person of the lowest ski/snowboard level.
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APPI Ski & Snowboard School

We introduced the teaching method that has been practiced in Austria National Ski School to our lesson programmes. Keeping our motto “always new, fun and scientific approach” in our minds, our lessons cater to various needs and abilities of participants. Our experienced instructors will give you shrewd advices to improve your technique while creating joyful atmosphere during lessons.

* APPI Ski & snowboard school is SAJ, SIA, JSBA certified.

Swimming Pool Swimming Pool

APPI Happy Kids School

Ski School for
Children Age 3 to 12

APPI Happy Kids School was first to introduce the patented “Magic Ski Lesson” program in Tohoku region. The program is exclusive for children and focuses on lowering psychological barriers such as fear and anxiety when skiing for the first time in their life. “Frixion mat” system allows children to learn proper posture on the slope, and accustom themselves to speed on ski. Children will be skiing on actual piste at the final stage to finish the lesson.

*“Frixion mat” is a patent of Apres Ski LLC.

TEL: +81-(0)195-73-6126 (Within Japan: 0195-73-6126)